This is why media literacy is increasingly important. There is a resource page on The Sex Reporter with tips on how…
One of the greatest things that happened in 2017 #metoo #bestof2017
The Complicated Legacy Of A Panda Who Was Really Good At Sex 🐼
“When we talk about sex and female sexuality it’s always about tragedy. It’s...never about learning how to orgasm o…
In today's edition of New Yorkers doin the damn thing, my girl @MarshaCooke is joining @VICE!…
Facing market shakeup, Viagra goes over-the-counter #sexbiz #erectiledysfunction
She Didn’t Fight Back: 5 (Misguided) Reasons People Doubt Sexual Misconduct Victims
Need a fun holiday gift idea? Here are my recommendations: (some are #sex related and other…
“@FresnoBee endures outrage to tell important stories about sex education” #sexed
For many, these educators and entrepreneurs are the answer to bad/non-existent sex ed:
“The state of my healthy vagina brought more scorn from men than anything I have ever written about — and I write a…
Check out @meifongwriter giving a talk at @TEDx on One Child policy!
We frequently see this rhetoric on @YouTube as well, and it’s deeply disturbing.
These creators and entrepreneurs can answer your questions about sex when it seems like no one else will…











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