Sex in Brazil: Stereotypes vs. Reality #equalpleasurerights
Rewatching what you guys had to say at my launch party (now almost a year ago!) and I love it so much. Thanks to ev…
Me and Smiley, former XXL editor, thought it would be fun to get together once a week for a lighthearted chat about…
And, take into consideration that many people do not answer honestly even in anonymous surveys, which means there a…
The very possibility that a sex tape could have set off the chain of events that led to Junior’s murder shows we ha…
This mom’s impression of what went through her mind when her teenaged daughter came out as bisexual is amazing…
YouTube’s algorithm finally gave me a boost, but recommended my videos alongside porn searches so it spiked my traf…
Brazilian women explain love motels and the changing views of women who have sex on the first night…











Sex in Brazil: Stereotypes vs. Reality

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