My friend @zenrunner, a veteran podcaster, is getting back in the game with a new podcast on cannabis culture: #420
I will be sad if future generations never know the magic of walking into a giant toy store #toysrus
Why did no one ever tell me @missmayim is on YouTube? Check out her charming apology video on monogamy #sexpositive
If you didn't know already, I showcase erotic art of all kinds on this IG: Tag your favs to…
This exchange between @JohnTheCho and @kalpenn made my day
Currently playing: @HigherBrothers @88rising
Put on some old school music to work, but can't work because I'm too busy singing and dancing around my apt and reliving the 90s
Patreon raises big round at ~$450M valuation to get artists paid #Patreon FYI I also use it…
Wait, this says they banned "bare midriffs, exposed shoulders, shorts, and bikinis." What century are we in??
Yes, it is natural to feel jealous. No, that doesn't mean you should give into the feeling. #jealousy #relationships
Sometimes, emotions are meant to pass through the body, like a burp. How to Control Your Jealousy:…
Nearly half of Americans have had public sex. How common are your sexual fantasies? #kink…