Swedish Official Proposes Paid Sex Breaks for Employees

A local official in Sweden has proposed a law to give municipal employees a paid, one-hour sex break every week.

The thinking is that if more workers have a break to go home and have sex, they may be able to foster better morale and lift the local birth rate.

Such a law could be difficult to enforce—workers may not actually use the breaks for sex. And even if one employee has time for a break, who’s to say their partner will be able to take off, too?

Still, the idea that a government would endorse a healthy sex life as part of work-life balance sounds like a great one.

Sex BEFORE your date?

Glamour ran a piece on sex tips stolen from the Internet that’s worth a read, with one tip I’d especially like to highlight because I’ve heard it a few times already: when going on a date, have sex FIRST.

The idea is that you’re not really feeling your sexiest after a night of eating and drinking. You’re full, for one. And you’re tired.

If you have sex first, though, you are doing it while you’re most excited for your date. It could take some motivation to still go out after, but hey, at least you’ll have worked up an appetite. And what’s to stop you from doing it again after?


So for those who are unfamiliar with it, revenge porn is the nonconsensual distribution of private images and videos showing someone nude, nearly-nude, or having sex.

Because cell phones make it easier than ever to both take these photos and videos AND to send them out, revenge porn has become increasingly popular—and it’s a pretty shitty thing.

Well allegedly, one teenager in Texas took revenge porn to a new low. Police say he recorded sex with his girlfriend, then told her he would send the video to her 13-year-old sister if she didn’t ALSO have sex with three of his friends.

He then allegedly tried to get her to have sex with a fourth person, at which point she called the police.


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